Using lessons from the present to create a near-future thriller

This stunning near-future thriller from Cantrell takes some truly breathtaking turns. CIA data analyst Quinn Mitchell is sent in pursuit of the Elite Assassin, an apparently unpredictable and unstoppable killer. Readers, meanwhile, are introduced to the inscrutable murderer Ranveer, whose killings efficiently carry out someone else’s master plan. …

Sharing Adobe’s internal Design Prototyping wiki with the world

How AI will open up walled gardens by making file formats, protocols, and even standards less relevant.

Xkcd comic on standards
The eternal minimalistic wisdom of xkcd.
  1. File formats. Modern file types are incredibly complex. Even when they are open standards, the technology to reliably read and write them — and access their full range of capabilities — is often proprietary. …

Why you might want to buy early-concept technology — even when you know it’s not ready

We usually think of currency as a form of legal tender that can be exchanged for goods and services. But in…

How user experience suffers when companies put their needs above yours.

A collage of mobile and desktop update and feedback notifications.

When product and science collide

Here’s something you might…

How consumers can help stop anti-competitive corporate behavior (without government intervention)

First line of defense

Most consumers believe that it is the government’s job to protect us from abusive monopolies and harmful anti-competitive corporate behavior. And they’re right — to an extent. …

Microsoft is good at physical keyboards. But with the introduction of the Surface Duo, they need to nail virtual keyboards, as well.

“There’s parts of the laptop you can never compromise… The keyboard.” —Panos Panay

And he clearly meant it. Microsoft is very good at physical keyboards and believes in them so…

Want to see Windows 10 through the eyes of a Mac user? Strap in.

VR has as much potential as any new technology I’ve ever seen. But that’s no guarantee it will succeed.

Christian Cantrell

Author of SCORPION and Director of Design Prototyping at Adobe.

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